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Welcome to FinTuts.com − a kind of unique personal finance blog which aims to make investments simple. It is FinTuts’ humble approach to represent the information on financial products in a simple, unbiased, and easy to understand fashion.

FinTuts covers various personal finance topics like Investment Planning, Insurance, Banking Services, Mutual Funds, Tax Planning, Stock Markets, recent news, etc. FinTuts has nothing to SELL and does not have any product or service to market or sell through this platform. Hence, keep calm, FinTuts will make sure that the readers will get to read correct and unbiased information or reviews only.

FinTuts believe that informed investors can make better financial decisions. If an investor is financially aware or well-known, then nobody can mis-sell financial products to him/her. Kindly provide your immense support to join the initiative, ‘Making Investments Simple’.

Please enjoy your stay with FinTuts to read the contents worth looking at, which gives FinTuts an edge over others.

The existence of FinTuts
Since the beginning of the COVID-19, it was clear that the world is not going to be the same. Many of the businesses were impacted like never before and had been forced to think out-of-the-box and continue to function in ways we had never seen before.

As we move through the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is time to conceptualize or redefine investment or finance strategies also that allow us to come out well informed and profitable investor.

It was inspiring and exciting to see a lot of businesses come up with new and creative ways to maintain their continuity. FinTuts felt building a sense of community was essential regarding the finance or investment world in India and FinTuts officially came into existence in a form of a blog.

If you have any queries/feedback, please contact us or do reach out to us at info [at] fintuts [dot] in with [Feedback] in the email subject line.