Post Office Saving Schemes || Interest Rates || FY 2020-21 || Q3[Oct-Dec]

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In this article, FinTuts will share its views or ideas about interest rates of different Post Office Saving Schemes, so that you can take a self-decision on your investment or wealth creation journey and can be financially literate and atmanirbhar.

Post Office Saving Schemes are the popular investment options in India among seasoned investors which are also backed by the Government of India.
Specifically, investors who choose to be Risk-Averse should invest in the Post Office Saving Schemes that offer risk-free returns and good interest rates.
The interest rates of these schemes are reviewed by the government every three months or quarterly.

Well Known Post Office Savings Schemes

Latest Post Office Savings Schemes Interest Rates

Post Office Saving Schemes Interest Rates

The Bottom Line | Verdict

The above-mentioned Post Office Savings Schemes is really good for those investors who want a risk-free return. Investors can start from a very small investment amount even. 
The post offices are located everywhere in India including rural areas. Regarding the urban areas, the tax benefit of PPF, NSC, and SSA seems to be beneficial for the investors.

We hope that this article might have surely helped you to understand in general about different saving schemes of Post Office.
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Besides, should you have any concerns, please feel free to comment below or do reach out to us. FinTuts will be happy to help. #HappyInvesting.

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